Coalition for the Advancement of Hemp in North Dakota

We are a nonprofit organization working to educate the people of North Dakota on the many uses, benefits of hemp
also called marijuana.

"Prohibition goes beyond reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite through legislation. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles this country was founded upon."
Abraham Lincoln

The Industrial Hemp Market
1. Agrculture: Fertilizer,certified seed,
2. Animal products: Bedding, feed
3. Recycling: Strengthening addatives
4. Furniture: Carpet, tapestries
5. Paper: fine,specialty: tea bags coffee filters, carbon tissues, toilet paper
6. Personal care: Skin cream, cosmetics, soaps, medicine, shampoo, lip balm salves
7. Textiles: Clothing, shoes, shirts, pants
8. Automotive: Interior parts, doorpanels, roofs, dashboards, compression molded parts, filters, fuel,grease
9. Food: Cooking oil, margarine, cheese,health food snacks,wheat flour supplement
Nutrtion: Body building supplement Beverage: Beer
10. Construction materials: Paints varnishes, putty, packing materials,insulation, composite board, plastics,fiberglass substitutes,mortor


Hemp is:
Rope, canvas, long-lasting fabric, birdseed (for general health and excellent
plumage), fine grade paper (i.e. bibles and currency from 1631-1800's),
meal bags for animals, flags, twine, paint oil, cooking oil ( oil from hemp
seeds has the highest percentage of essential fatty acids and the lowest
percentage of saturated fats), lighting oil, faster growing than trees
(1 acre of hemp=1 acre of trees), incense, medicine, animal food, flour, soap,
fertilizer, erosion control, multi-vitamins, soap, fertilizer, spice, candy,
biomass for fuel(virtually free from metals and sulphur and no pollution),
tarp (as in frontier- bound wagons in the Wild West Days), lace, linen,
the First Draft of the Declaration of Independence, First draft of U.S. Constitution,
diapers, lubricant, fire hose, parachute webbing, porridge, soup, for building
pressed board, particle board, concrete construction molds, beams, thermal
insulation, drywall, plywood, plumbing, poles, roofing, insulation;
reverse the greenhouse effect by producing more oxygen in a shorter
amount of time than trees, nourishing soil, HALT deforestation NOW & stopping
diseases that were never meant to be exposed deep in the heart of rainforests,
cellophane, reinforcement of burlap material, rot-resistant carpet, fishnets,
bowstrings, plastic-like material (could be used in place of petroleum-based
plastics, such as PVC.), sealant, charcoal, reduction of acid rain, oatmeal, guitar
straps, stickers, lip balm,
massage oil, shampoo/conditioner, jewelry, cash crop for suffering farmers and
their families, baskets,
lighter but stronger paper bags, milk, non-toxic pesticide, archery strings, baseball
caps detergents, inks,
moisturizers, tea, upholstery, varnishes, wallpaper, Xeroxes, essential fatty
acids--vital to the maintenance
of the body's immune system, nature's most complete source of protein (nutritive
properties of hemp
seeds have the power to cure tuberculosis, raising the immunity of cancer and
AIDS patients),perfumes,
body powder, nutritious tofu, butter, cheese, salad oils, NONTOXIC,
RENEWABLE, rich organic matter that helps topsoil retain moisture, and much

*Please feel free to copy and distribute this as an informative flyer*
*Source of info: The Emperor Wears No Clothes*
by Jack Herer!